You found The Sling Swing, a new fresh exciting new way to hold the sexy body! Old slings take up a whole room, and enough steel frame to build a shed. The Sling Swing comes assembled and easily hides between the box spring and mattress, behind the clothes in the closet, or under the bed.

The design is really out of the box thinking, by a real creative guy! Designed to hold the legs up and out while the ass and fun spot is open for monkey business!

The Sling Swing supports your back, neck, head, and inside the knees to give you the best sex comfort position you’ve ever had.

The swing part...since our sling has only one point to hang it from, you can spin your partner, swing your partner, and grab the sides to go deeper and deeper with each pull into your body as you stand. You can push and pull your partner in and out with the greatest of ease and pleasure.

The best position to be in while being seeded or giving birth! But wait...there’s more! It is also a swing, but this swing being hung from one single chain...can also spin! You can do some real ass-tro-not training in this sex toy.

Multi Designed Pull Covers to customize your Sling Swing coming soon

T-Shirts and other accessories also coming soon...

The Sling Swing

Price: $199

Plus S&H


Designed To Hold The Body In The Best Sexy Position!