ASlingSwing, did not start out as a sex toy!  It was made for my bad back.  In middle school I was diagnosed with scoliosis.  My parents where given the choice to have me wear a back brace to help straighten my spine, or do nothing. So, since nothing was done,  I came up with ways to relieve the pain myself!  Fortunately, I learned the best technique for me to relieve the pain and to help stretch my back was to lay down on the bed and put my feet on the wall, then scoot my butt closer and closer as I needed to the wall to arch my back to stretch it, I did that for maybe 20 years.  My job had me on the phone alot, that is not the best for a bad back, so I started designing a chair that would hold my body in that position!, as I was working at my desk.  My plan was to make a desk chair to stretch my back!  But I designed a chair that was good for even more!

Fast forward a few years developing several different designs, I had my patent attorney look at the first prototype and he couldn’t help but erupt in a fit of laughter!  I explained what it was for and he laughed even harder, but after wiping away tears while still laughing that I wanted to patent a hanging chair to help with back issues, He told me just to sell it as a sex swing, He said I'm not a chiropractor and have no clinical endorsement!  So ASlingSwing was born.  I still use my "A" for my back.  There are health benefits of raising your legs above your heart, lower blood pressure, stretching your back, giving birth, swinging to relax as you are on your back and more.

So if you are ever talking to me on the phone, most likely I’ll be hanging from the ceiling!  But as my patent attorney had thought, the best purpose is a sex sling and swing. "TheF*ckingA" was born, the easier name on the ears is "ASlingSwing"

Designed to hold your body in the best f*cking position! My product is a bit over designed and over built!  When you get your "A" You will see the quality of My product and strength, it is built like a 1963 Cadillac!  Hanging from the one point took alot of thought to have a ridged sling to hold the legs apart, the back flat.
You will go a longer distance (deeper) in my product with how the design holds you or your partners body stretched in the targeted area.

I’ve learned the hard way how difficult it can be to get an idea from fantasy to become a reality.  I’ve visited lots of manufactures to work on this project, either they laughed, thought I was some sex fanatic, too busy, the wife said no!, they did not have the staff or machinery!  Whatever!! ... But I’ve learned the real reason why.  The A frame has 16 bends and the finished product has to be completely flat afterwards. I weld, I designed it, I need to make it!!, so if this is going to get anywhere I need to do it!  So I make them.

"ASlingSwing" is made in Orlando!  Orlando's main industry is to manufacture fun! We do that too in our factory!  We do not have the words “World” or “Studios” in our name but we offer years of fun, and want you to come often! To the parks and with "The A"!  Our FUN Factory is in Orlando!! 

Wanting to visit Orlando?... the Official site is visitorlando.com for your vacation

It’s a great ride too! Winding it up, letting it rip... spinning in "The A" will get You dizzier than being on tea cups!