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  • Swing Hanger, Anti-rust Stainless Steel, 360°Rotation, Screw Bracket, Heavy Duty,  1800LB Capacity,
    • INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE: Perfect for hammock chairs swing, porch swings, swinging chairs, punching bags, or hanging any other heavy object of an overhead mount.
    • EASY TO INSTALL: The innovative 2 IN 1 design can be mounted directly onto wooden beams, cedar wood and other wooden structures. Hexagon screw head design, can be installed directly with a wrench or electric drill, and the installation is more convenient.
    • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: The innovative 2 IN 1 design support for 360° rotation. And to ensure the safety, we have assembled an ring with material SUS304 stainless steel to avoid the shaft slide out, also the buckle of the hook is strong enough to ensure the safety use.
    • CORROSION RESISTANCE,HIGH HARDNESS:304 stainless steel rings made of high quality raw materials. No rust, corrosion resistance, high hardness, non-toxic and pollution-free environment. Suitable for any scene.
    • WHAT YOU GET: Permanent Anti-rust Stainless Steel 304 Heavy Duty Swing Hanger, our 30-DAY MONEY-BACK guarantee for any reason and friendly helpful customer service. 


You can use our kit, use your existing hook or tie spot or go to the hardware store and copy our kit.  

Once you have your tools out it will take 4 minutes to install your ceiling mount!

A stud finder will locate your mounting beam,  WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR HOW YOU HANG "THE FUCKING A".  After you install it, test it.


Legal Disclaimer

We guarantee to provide users with qualified products. If you think that the product does have quality problems, please contact us in time for return. We are not liable for serious injuries including injury, disability and death caused by improper use rather than quality reasons. Please install it according to the correct installation method and regularly check the product.

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Do not use the “A” on the floor, it must be hung.

As you get in or out of the “A” use the instructions on ASlingSwing.com and always hold the outer “A” for balance and support.

The purchaser stipulates they have read the proper use of this product on this site, watched the video and will read the owners manual along with the others using your ASS.



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We encourage upon receiving your product, you inspect the box for damage. If the box is damaged, take a photograph of it before opening. The ASS is one strong product and hard to be damaged! Check it out, make sure you got all the extra items that you ordered. Remember the ASS is fully assembled and there are no parts to it, the A-Hang-It-Kit is an add on product. If the product is somehow damaged, take photos of the visible damage and send the photos to us within 48 hours of delivery so we can help you start the claim with the carrier.

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Return, Refund or Cancel

Before we ship our products it will go through the last quality check manually, photographed and matched with your purchase order. SAM.LLC products are checked and tested for quality with each step of the manufacturing process to meet our specifications and make sure your ASS is in perfect condition. It is our intention to make the highest quality and a strong product for our customers, we want you happy! and known for selling the best. Due to the sexual nature of our products we sell, we can only take returns on manufacturing defects with our ASS.

A defective product from us is highly unlikely, but should that happen, we will  happily replace products with manufacturer's defects. Please understand that this is normal practice within the sex toy industry. Returns are limited to replacement, once the defective one is returned and unused (due to hygiene reasons). Contact us immediately (before using) if you found an issue and want to return it, due to the manufacturer's defect.

Returns; to start the process, photograph our product showing the defect and the serial #. To process your concern we will match it with our photographs of your ASS, to make your claim go smooth and rapid. Email us your name, and serial # with an explanation of the defect, photos or video to Sam@ASlingSwing.com.  We will respond to you within 2 business days with a solution. If the problem was caused by us or a factory defect, we will fix it. You will need a return authorization number for returns, from us by email.

Products need to meet these conditions:

* Return authorization. 

* Sent back within 5 business days

* The ASS must be unused 

* Not damaged or abused by customer

* In the original packaging

You will be responsible for shipping costs to us for returning the ASS. If a defect is deemed our fault, we will refund you up to $75 USD for shipping. Before shipping back to us, photograph both sides of the box. Insurance for shipping is required with tracking number to make sure we get it and its not damaged. If not insured, you are responsible for any breach of this statutory right, since we cannot guarantee that the carrier will not lose your package and we cannot be responsible for carrier losing this package. Notify us within 5 days of shipping your return, via email, the tracking number. 

Call for returns address:

If box is damaged photograph the box before you open the box, with long distance transportation, boxes may be damaged or unpacked, however the product may still be fine since it is very strong. the carrier is responsible for getting it to you in one piece and in good condition, we will help with the insurance claim to the carrier, we have photos of the box before it left us.

Refunds and Cancellation SAM.LLC will refund payment once cleared by Shopify. To cancel an order it needs to happen before it ships. We try to ship the same day as ordered. If you need to cancel text us at 407-419-4143 We sell only new ASlingSwings, there for we do not do refunds, this is a sexual item and needs to be new for you and not a returned item.

Warranty is not offered on these products.


All texting, emails and calls will be for the sake of business and are non confidential. It will be for the purpose of shipping your products, exchanging  ideas, answering questions and responding to complaints, proposals, suggestions and comments.  All  discussions of what you did with your ASS will become the intellectual property of SAM.LLC to be used as we wish.

Having a written statement will help in getting thing done, please email us or text.  Sam@ASlingSwing.com  407-415-1963

Limit of Liability, Warnings and Disclaimers
No Warranties

SAM.LLC and our affiliates offer no warranties of any kind, weather expressed or implied, including without limitations, the merchantability, use of for a specific purpose.  Bought “as is”.


Before using the ASS keep in mind this has been written by people who know the product and understand the potential for injury with mis-use... know what can go wrong, it is a swing and you need to hold it as you get in and out of it, it still is a swing hanging from one point. The other point is make sure you have it well suspended from what ever you hang it from. The product was tested at 500 pounds and had no weight issues, there is a video on the site showing this.

Educate others using the product! The purchaser needs to inform all users of the proper method of holding the ASS while getting in and out. Too much oil can have you slip out as well... everyone involved needs to read the owners manual to understand potential dangers to property and possible personal injury. No individuals should use these products with out understanding the safety guidelines with this type of product.

Limitation of Liabilities

Please note that you are responsible for your own actions!

THE USE OF ASlingSwing is at your own risk!

Use common sense! 

Use your ASS as you see fit!!

In no event will SAM.LLC be liable for any incidental, consequential, or indirect damages including, property damage, any personal injury, not limited to, damages for loss of profits, misuse of products, falling due to improper installation, not holding product as getting in or out, acts of God, things beyond SAM.LLC’s control and including theft. SAM.LLC's liability is limited to the greatest extent permitted by law. 

SAM.LLC claims nothing be to expressed or implied as to the safety of our products. These products are sold as novelties only. We accept No responsibility for injuries sustained while using the products. The purchaser and users assumes full risk and liability of the use of these products.

All people using the products found on this site must take time to look at the safety videos on the web site and read the owners manual. The purchaser and users are responsible for the proper use of the product and are fully responsible for all risks of personal injury and property damages.


You are buying products off this site for novelty purposes only. No individuals involved in the design, production, sales, distribution, retail stores, other web sites, agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless any of the SAM.LLC, its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, agents, licensors, vendors and any third party information providers from and against all losses, expenses, liabilities, damages and costs, including attorneys' fees without limitation, resulting from any violation of this Agreement including negligent or wrongful conduct by you or any other person, accessing the website or using our products.

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Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.



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