How do I hang it?
We have a video for that! Even better, we also have a "Hang It Kit" that will get you swinging in 5 minutes. you will need a stud finder, drill, something to stand on and A-Hang-It kit.

How much can the Model S hold and support?
Tested at 700 LBS but suggested at no more than 500 lbs.

Is packaging discreet?
Absolutely, we ship in unmarked brown cardboard boxes with our company name SAM.LLC on senders address what will appear on your bank statement.

Where is our product made?
Orlando, Florida (where we manufacture fun!)

How long will my order take to process and ship out?
Orders placed will be put in the same order to ship out. Same day shipping to it taking A week (depending on materials and production back log) we will email you the date it will ship if we get backed up beyond a week.

Can I order custom like a purple frame and leather pad?

Yes,  You email me or call with your wild requests and we will see what we can do,  each A is hand made, we can do alot with them

How will my order be shipped?
UPS Ground, depending on volume we may have a 1 week ship time. 

I'm 6' 8" can I fit? I'm 3' 2" can I fit?

How do I take care the A?
Soap and water, and dry after done cleaning..

How do I Adjust the height?
Simply just adjust the chain distance from the ceiling or tied point!

Why is there no hook on the Model S?
Its designed to be held with different materials such as rope, so we've decided its left best for the customer. We suggest you check out our HANG IT section with more information on how to hang it yourself and also decide if you need one of our A Hanging kits sold separately.

Where can I store it?
Under your bed? The size is great for storage, 3" thick, 30" wide and 42" tall (folded).

Hide it?
The A is so different, you do not even have to hide it!  Unless your kids are on this site, they will not know what it is!

Why hide it!?  Hang it on the wall, it makes great art too... I have 7 hanging on my walls!