MODEL S... the original

MODEL S, S for SAVINGS, S for STRENGTH, S for STYLE and S for SEX!
Not A kinky toy! But can be used for it, it's just sex! You will have better penetration in "The A" with how it holds your body.


Save money! Designed to last. No need for replacement. Affordable, no tools, no screws and no missing parts. I have fought to keep the cost low for you. We make it!, We sell it! We tested it! No middlemen. Manufactured in Orlando, Florida! Saving Florida too!

Save Room...Your play space can be small, "The A" doesn't need a room full of pipe to walk around, it just takes 1 square inch of ceiling space (using our recommended hang it method). Storing it is easy, at 2 inches thick, you can put it anywhere since it's a lot less to store than the other types.

Save Time... Less time to set up, less time to take down, no assembly time, 19 seconds or less to hang it and more time for sex! Just say... "Honey! Want me to take you for a ride?" Go pull it out from under the bed, clip it to the chain hanging from the ceiling and bang! 19 seconds to sex! Other types will leave you fumbling with countless tubes, screws and missing parts! 

Save Your Health... Use it as I do, stretch your back out! Putting your legs up is good for your heart. With "The A" it can be used to conceive or even give birth in. Sleeping in "The A" is very relaxing, with a little movement it will rock you to sleep! AMAZING!


Comes from the 16 bends that "kink" the one inch square steel tubing as the steel is stretched into concave angle to make it stronger! From the 4 welded hinges we make in our factory to the quality steel, foam, powder coating and antibacterial marine grade vinyl, the quality materials add to the strength. from craftsmanship of our production team, our welders, upholsterer, assemblers powder coating and shipping staff work hard to make this product strong and perfect!

The "A", gets an A+! tested at 700 pounds, (since that is all that would fit). We rate the weight maximum at 500 pounds, a "Quarter Ton" (QT) so if your cutie is 500 pounds your "A" has the green light! The "A" only weighs 25 pounds yet is strong enough to hold the human body with ease.

Designed with durability, ruggedness, and quality in mind, "The A" is overbuilt like a '63 Cadillac, solid as hell!



"The A" has a unique new fresh design, so stylish you might want too have "The A" on your wall as art! (I do). As I designed "The A" I wanted to make something amazing and kept giving myself hard design features to overcome, and that list is long, I wanted a desk chair to stretch my back, and it turned into "The A". Hang "The A" from the ceiling for sex and to relaxing or hang "the A" on the wall as art!

"The A" has alot of wild features, here they are! one piece design, fully assembled, can hang in a doorway, less room to set up, folds flat, 1 inch thick frame, piece of art, hangs from one point with the "A" frame design, one person to hang, balanced 4 ways with your body in it and easy to put away. If you need to hide it from the kids, that is easy! When they find it, they will not know what it is!

SEX..."The A" is going to be the deepest fuck possible, with the equipment you are given. Lots to do in "The A", spanking, sucking, tickling, talking on the phone, fisting, rimming, reading a book, blow jobs, bondage, bdsm, eating pussy, just hanging out, eating out, sleeping or even just relaxing to some music! Swinging from the one point is kinda like sleeping on a boat. Relaxation of a pendulum in a circular motion.

AS A SLING... It holds you in the naughtiest position! Putting your private parts, in a not so private place, wide open and ready for business. The design of "The A" holds your knees wide open allowing your partner to please you without legs getting in the way. in that position your partner also can reach your chest, and your whole body or swing you around to have a romantic kiss on the lips or neck! 

AS A SWING... You can pull and push your partner in and out, as they are moving around weightless for the pleasure of both of you. Holding the outer "A" frame in your hands, move the "A" to position your partner as you wish, and as fast as you want. The swinging will also add a lot to the sexual feeling of floating in the air while swinging and being sexually aroused, a blindfold will add to it as well! With "The A" hanging from one point, spinning is also fun (just no eating 2 hours before).
Now, don't you want to be in "The Fucking A"? 

If a cloud and a 1963 Cadillac had a baby, it would be The Fucking A.

What will you do in your "A"?